Excel Pace Maker for Races

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A bit off topic, but does involve Microsoft Excel…You runners, swimmers and bikers out there may occasionally do interval training in order to increase your speed. I’m always trying to answer the following question: how fast do I need run to get time X in a race of distance Y? And how fast do I have to run shorter interval Z to see what that pace feels like? I made an Excel file that makes such extrapolations easy. You can time yourself running a short interval and see what time you would get if you kept up that pace for a whole race. Download it with the link earlier in this post or using the Downloads page on this blog.

Excel Data Getter – Query Oracle, SQL Server and Access from Excel

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People frequently want to put database data into Excel for analysis and manipulation. Here’s an Excel macro file that I wrote which simplifies getting data into Excel. Called Data Getter, it allows you to query Access, Oracle and SQL Server databases. You can save your queries so they can be reused. You can run more than one query at a time and can direct the output to one or more output files. You can save your configuration files so that you can change from config file to another easily. If you know VBA, you can customize the macro further to work with other database products. Get it here, or on the Downloads page here at Database Bulletin.

On my to do list for improvements are:
1. Enabling password protecting for configuration files to make it less dangerous to have passwords sitting in files. Data Getter supports SQL Server trusted connections, so there are no password problems if you are using it solely to connect to SQL Server via trusted connections.
2. Customize it for more databases. Filemaker, Sybase, mySQL, PostGres, DB2 are all on my list.
3. Create a “Scheduled Task” mode or command line mode so that you can configure it to run a set of reports from the command line for use in scripting or with Windows scheduled tasks.