I work at EMC in the Backup and Recovery Services (BRS) division, and we use postgres. It powers our backup software catalog for Avamar. We use it as a database repository for Data Protection Advisor (DPA). And it was the first database to be virtualized automatically by VMware’s vFabric Data Director.

In the Big Data landscape, postgres pops up all the time. Greenplum uses it. Netezza uses it. Hadapt, a newcomer to the big data space uses it. I think maybe Platfora uses it but by this point my head is spinning and I can’t even remember where I read that. And Cloudera uses it to store management data.

And probably a bizillion other peices of software use it.

I’m interested in EMC and in big data so I’m going to start learning postgres.

I’ll finish up with the “What about mysql?” question. In general, I’d always read that mysql is easy to learn, fast by default and deployed widely for small web apps. And that postgres is slower, but more reliable and feature rich. Some recent browsing reminded me that MySQL has corporate backing, first from its original corporate owners, then from Sun and now from Oracle, which currently owns it. And Postgres remains 100% open source. Finally, mysql allows users to pick their storage engine while Postgres provides for just one.

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