Working with my digital camera took a little doing on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu mounts it automatically, apparently using a gphoto2 library. So doing things via the GUI is really quite easy. Plug and play!

But I love the command line to manipulate files. I couldn’t find where the mount point was. Not under /mnt. Not under /media…

I learned that the gvfs-mount command shows information about what ubuntu GUI mounts automatically. And if you install gphoto2, you can run gphoto2 –auto-detect, which will show you the name of your camera and the USB info. Apparently the gphoto2 utility has a variety of camera manipulation commands it can perform.

It seems ubuntu puts samba at work behind the scenes to mount digital cameras, most of which have windows based file systems. Samba mounts to ~/.gvfs. So “ls ~/.gvfs yielded:
gphoto2 mount on usb%3A001,002

From there, I could run

ls ~/".gvfs/gphoto2 mount on usb%3A001,002"

Then I could see the DCIM directory. Off and running with commands like cp and rm!