A quick followup. Ubuntu recognized my wireless Epson workforce 610 all-in-one printer. Prints fine. I haven’t tried to make any of the other functions work, like scanning. I see on the internet that some folks have had trouble with that.

Software updates for ubuntu work well. Using the gui Ubuntu software center, I downloaded and installed libreoffice’s database product called Base without a hitch. Then I used the command line tool called apt to download tcl/tk, sqlite3 and a bunch of database drives. That all worked easily and quickly.

Multi-media stuff like sound and video? No issues so far. Even burned some cds/dvds with Bracero.

Next up: Do some re-jiggering to make the laptop house multiple distributions. I’m reviewing How to install and boot 145 operating systems in a PC to help me plan things out. I’m only going with 4 to 6 distros, so should work just fine.