Apex 4.0 is now available for download at oracle.com. I downloaded and installed it today.

Upgrade steps were simple, the same as previous Apex upgrades. In my environment, I encountered no problems. I’m running database 11.2.0 on Windows 2008 on VMWare with Oracle HTTP server 11.1.0.

The upgrade steps were essentially:
> Verify backups
> unzip apex_4.0.zip file
> stop Oracle HTTP server and Listener
> As SYSDBA, run apexins.sql file. I ran utlrp.sql after that as there were some invalid objects.
> Copy new set of images from apex_4.0 zip file to Oracle HTTP server images directory
> If desired, as SYSDBA, run PL/SQL code to give appropriate privileges to the new Apex 4.0 user
> Restart Oracle HTTP server and listener.

Everything in my main application worked fine, with the exception of the field list drop down on the find button on interactive reports. I’m using IE 7, and the drop down list does not display correctly. The same drop down list displays correctly in Firefox 3.6.3, so I’m guessing it’s a IE 7 issue. I don’t have IE 8 handy to try. The other parts of interactive reports are working as advertised.

Interestingly, interactive reports views that are saved by users no longer are referenced by tabs but from a drop-down list. And reports saved by developers for public use are now called “Default” reports in the drop-down list. Report views created by users appear under the same drop down list as “Private” reports.