Another wrinkle on deploying Apex with a proxy server and https, this time concerning flash charts.

I wrote in my last post that I needed to make a few adjustments to work successfully with a proxy server in my environment. My environment: Apex, OHS 11.1.0, DB 11.2.0, Win 2008.

All seemed well until I tested pages with flash charts. First off, the IE browser would throw up the message box “This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?” After dismissing the message box, the page loaded but the charts would not display. Instead they hung while outputting the message “Loading data. Please wait.”

The first issue that needed sorting out was the https protocol, which was behind the “nonsecure items” message box. In Apex 3.2 there are hard coded references to the protocol at Region Definition – Source. One is


, the other is


I needed to change each http to https. Interestingly, at the Apex 4.0 website, I learned that this has been fixed. The protocol now has a variable, like this:


The next issue had to do with the proxy server.

The Region – Source screen also uses #HOST# variable, twice in fact. With the proxy server in place, #HOST# came back with the wrong value. Some surfing on the Apex forum at OTN revealed a dads.conf adjustment, which worked.

PlsqlCGIEnvironmentList        HTTP_HOST=proxyhosturl:port/dir
PlsqlCGIEnvironmentList        REQUEST_PROTOCOL=https

NOTE: don’t include the https:// prefix in the HTTP_HOST value.

Prior to that I had tried a more laborious work around. I created an Application Item called MY_HOST. I set this in an Application Process that runs On New Session – After Authentication. Then in every Region – Source for flash charts, I made the following change:




That also worked, but involved updating the Source yet again for each chart.

A final point. The charts available in Interactive Charts are also affected by https and proxies. Fortunately, making the above dads.conf adjustment is all that’s needed.

In summary, getting flash charts to work with https and a proxy requires updating the code for each chart so that https doesn’t generate a prompt, plus updating the dads.conf file.

I’ll be interested to try out 4.0 in my shop to see how that works with proxy and https.