A recent thread on oracle-l listed several alternatives to the venerable tkprof tool. All of these alternatives have been around for several years, but they were new to me.

I haven’t used any of them yet, but I’m posting this so that I have them at the ready when needed!

trcanlzr.sql -> a tool available on My Oracle Support (MOS) at Doc ID 224270.1. It’s a souped up version of tkprof, apparently.

SQLTXPLAIN -> On MOS at Doc ID 215187.1. It’s a tool that analyzes one SQL statement at a time.

TVD$XTAT -> http://antognini.ch/top/downloadable-files. Created by a gentleman named Christian Antognini.

OraSRP -> http://www.oracledba.ru/orasrp. Created by a fellow named Egor Starostin.

Method-R profiler -> This is a commercial tool available at http://www.method-r.com/software/profiler from the Method-R company.