Two aspects of OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) that I’m getting more acquainted with…

Even though OEM automates tasks and provides a GUI interface to make tasks easier, you still need scripting. You can use the OEM gui to fire off a SQL statement against 50 different databases. But what if you need to change the value OEM stores for the password for the database user with which OEM monitors all those instances? What if you want to change the monitoring threshold on a tablespace in 20 databases?

You need OEM’s command line scripting interface to pull off tasks like those. It’s called, gasp, emcli. You can get it configured quite quickly on your OEM management server. It can also be run from remote laptops, but that seems like a security risk to me. Interestingly, the emcli in OEM version seems to have a wider variety of features than does emcli in OEM. An example is a bunch of switches in the change password command that make it more secure.

Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface manual provides all the detailed documentation needed.

Diagnosing Problems: EM Diag Kit
Keeping OEM happy involves endless trips to Metalink to identify issues with various Oracle versions and configurations. Lately I’ve been trying to solve why the OEM agent stops and restarts itself on some hosts. My efforts with the folks at Metalink led today to a utility called the EMDiag Kit. This little dynamo scans the OEM repository to help the support folks figure out what’s going on with various OEM components. If you think a little EM diagnosis is needed on your OEM system, hop on to Metalink and check out article EMDiagkit Download and Master Index, Doc ID 421053.1.