I’ve been wanting to get a virtual server running at home. But which vm server? I have two desktops at present. One is the general work machine for my wife and me and is running Windows Server 2003. I have a GB of RAM on this and can do SQL Server boondoggles when needed. My other machine now has 4GB.

I decided to try out Oracle VM Server. After looking around a bit, I learned that Oracle VM Server has two parts, the VM Server and the VM Manager. They need to get installed on separate machines. Apparently the VM Manager provides a web based GUI with which one can fiddle around with VMs running on the server. A little more digging and I found documentation which appeared to indicate that you could install a VM from the command line directly on the VM Server. Good for me, cause I don’t have a machine at home just now on which top VM Manager.

So…I installed Oracle VM Server. That went fine more or less, after creating a static ip for it. I downloaded a pre-packaged Oracle VM template with 11g on it from Oracle.com. I started unzipping it and….OUT OF DISK SPACE. My 40 GB drive was not sufficient for the unzipped VM. So I’ll need to purchase a larger drive for this machine before proceeding further.