I’ve been working more with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control at work. I’m currently working on a non-production deployment that we will keep around for purposes of testing patches, etc. Hope to get the production deployment done in a a month or so…

This product is massive! Getting familiar with all the components is similar to learning Oracle DBA for the first time. Every time you think you have reached a plateau of understanding, you realize there’s much more to grok to keep the environment working and collecting data happily.

Today I’ve been digging into collection issues. Some Oracle Homes did not show up, even though the agent was running OK on that node. Turns out the problem was “Daily Host / Inventory Configuration Collection Fails with ORA-1 [Unique Key Violated] errors”, metalink note NOTE:579735.1. Then I started working on “Warning During Collection Of Oracle Software Unknown External Name for the Following Patchset Version”. That one was solved by metalink NOTE:434167.1.