I’ve been bear wrestling with Oracle Universal Installer (OUI). Oui, or should I say oy.

I had one success with it when I realized it had a bunch of command line switches.  Identifying the switch -waitforcompletion enabled someone writing a vbscript to automated client installs a way to get over a hurdle. With that switch, vbscript will wait until OUI is done with it’s work. Without, the vbscript will go to the next task because on setup.exe exits once it has shelled out to the main java OUI.

But I’ve been really struggling with unix installs of Oracle Internet Directory (OID). OID is now a component of Oracle Identify Manager. I’ve gotten OID to work in single node mode. But I’ve had two days of struggle trying to get replication to work.

My gripes with OUI and also OID are that you have to configure OID replication via the Oracle installer. You can’t just install binaries and then get things working with command line tools. Or maybe you can, but the documentation does not advertise this. Another complaint is that you can’t install OID and then go back to the installer to add another component of Oracle Identity Manager. Or at least the installer has complained that I can’t install into an existing repository whenever I try this…In short, if something isn’t working, I have to uninstall everything and then bear wrestle with oui, oui, oui again.